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Get Started

Get Started with RDS-Knight

Step 1: Installing RDS-Knight on your computer

Installing RDS-Knight is an easy process.

Just download it from our web site, run the Setup-RDS-Knight.exe and follow the steps detailed here.

Files are decompressed and copied into:

„C:\Program Files (x86)\RDS-Tools\RDS-Knight“ folder. The trial version is a full featured version limited to 2 weeks.

After the installation, there will be a new icon on your Desktop:





Step 2: Using RDS-Knight

You can now launch the RDS-Knight interface and begin to set RDS-Knight security features and prevent your server from both internal and external threats.

You can begin by defining a security level for your group of users, and customize it for a specific user.
Then, you can set specific working hours in order for your users to connect only during their working time.
You can protect your server from foreign cyber-attacks by allowing the access to the countries of your choice, with the Homeland access protection.

Don’t forget to activate your license if you wish to be fully protected by RDS-Knight!